Tambor Generico BROTHER DR-360 | DR360

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Tambor Generico BROTHER DR-360 | DR-360


TAMBOR GENERICO BROTHER DR-360. DCP-7030, DCP-7040, HL-2140, HL-2170W, MFC-7340, MFC-7345N, MFC-7440N, MFC-7840W


Instrucciones para reemplazar el tambor.

Perform the following steps to reset the drum:

  1. Open front cover.

  1. With the front cover still open, press the CLEAR/BACK key. The LCD will read REPLACE DRUM.
  1. Press the UP ARROW key for YES. The LCD will briefly display "Accepted" followed by "Cover Is Open, Close the Front Cover".
  1. Once the display shows "Cover Is Open, Close the Front Cover", go ahead and close the front cover.
  1. If the error message continues to appear, repeat STEP 2 to ensure the steps were completed correctly. Make sure "Accepted" appears after selecting YES.
  1. If the error message continues to appear and you already repeated the reset steps, go to STEP 3.
  1. Clean the primary corona wire inside the drum unit.
  1. Open the front cover and remove the drum and toner assembly. Be sure to place the drum and toner assembly on a piece of paper in case of spilled or scattered toner.

  1. Gently slide the green tab from side to side at least 5 to 6 times.
  1. Return the green tab to the home position at the far right.
  1. Make sure the green tab snaps into the home position before putting the drum and toner assembly back into the machine. If the green tab is not securely returned to the home position, print pages will have a vertical stripe down the page.

  1. While facing the drum and toner cartridge, on the left side of the drum are three pieces of metal that look like staples and metal rod sticking out of the side. Clean each of these off with a soft DRY lint-free cloth.

  1. Reinstall the drum and toner assembly into the machine and close the front cover.

  1. If the error message continues to appear, confirm you are using a genuine Brother toner and drum.


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